About African Spirits


The Legend of Oupa Joe is our Heritage.

Deep in the dark of early morning, Oupa Joe and his neighbour, Jan, would disappear into the corner of a small-holding on the banks of Bullfrog Pan. Here, they would taste and test their illegally processed apricot mash. By late afternoon, you would see them returning home loud and giddy with their newly reduced mampoer.

“Inspired and fascinated by the ‘Legend of Oupa Joe’, my son, JanHarm, started distilling on a very primitive scale.

Not knowing and with limited information, it is needless to say the result was disastrous. We decided to invest in some formal training.

Today, both of my sons, JanHarm and Fritz Jnr, along with my son-in-law Frans, are involved in this – the newly established African Spirit Distillery.” Fritz Steyn, Snr.